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We offering following services:

  1. Analysis of situation – evaluation of output parameters, development of appropriate technology, determination of advantages and disadvantages in specific projects.
  2. Pre-project  research – Estimation of waste type and quantity based on treatment plan, determination of plant capacity, soil research, land state and requirements, analyzing of technical-economical situation, presenting of different alternatives.
  3. Preparation of documentation for investment purposes – organizing and coordination of procedures, negotiations, preparing necessary documentation, development and implementation of strategies for waste management.
  4. Designing of complete recycling turn-key installations – designing complete recycling plants.
  5. Equipment delivery – according to customer demand we can select appropriate equipment and whole systems offering flexible delivery terms.
  6. Commissioning, start up, maintenance – we fully cooperate customer during delivery, commissioning and start up of the equipment, providing personnel training and maintenance of delivered equipment.
  7. Cooperation for operation of delivered installation – we contribute with the customer for implementation of quality systems and systems for environmental management, monitoring of air and water pollution, implementation of European strategies for environment and health protection.
  8. Contribution with municipalities – Developing of effective and  low budget solutions for green waste treatment (composting), relevant for middle and small municipalities in order to fulfill EC quota. We can organize free of charge consultations related to waste treatment and controlling harmonized with EC requirements.