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Induction separators

The Induction Sorting System ISS is the perfect solution to recover the non-ferrous metals not recovered by ECS processing or magnetic separation. The ISS provides efficient and effective automated recovery of metals, stainless steel and any other metals, eliminating the need for hand picking. The primary applications for the ISS are shredder residue, electronic scrap, wood chips, glass, domestic waste, and mould sand.

The recovery of stainless steel from ECS waste streams and the processing of electronic scrap are ideal uses for the ISS. The ISS is the solution for removing tramp metal from bulk material to ensure the quality of the processed product.

Previous experience has shown that the rate of both purity and recovery is considerably greater than 90%, depending on the conditions in the plant. Therefore, automatic separation using STEINERT ISS sensor technology can more than double the recovery of valuable materials as compared to the manual sorting methods often used today, which at best have a 40% yield.

The STEINERT ISS increases throughput three- or fourfold – all factors that have a substantial impact on your company’s bottom line. Precise screening and further crushing improve the results even more.

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