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KOMPOFERM - The Waste Transforming System

KOMPOFERM - The Waste Transforming System

Waste - worldwide and climate friendly treatment.

Nowadays, sustainable waste treatment should involve far more than direct landfilling. We consider waste a valuable resource, from which raw materials and energy can be recovered.

Our KOMPOFERM system ensures the optimal utilisation of waste. Recovering as much energy (biogas), raw materials and high-grade substitute fuel (RDF) as possible, contributes to the conservation of resources and the protection of the environment. 

System meeting basic to complex requirements

Modular setup guarantees highest flexibility

Maximization of energy and raw material recovery – instead of land filling and incineration

Reduction of disposal costs

Reduction of CO2-emissions, based on energy production from biogas and substitution of fossil fuels with RDF in power stations and cement plants as well as recovery of resources

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